giovedì, gennaio 04, 2018

Return to a decade we've never lived

The weather sucks, she thought, frantically tapping keywords in a language she didn't know. The translator did a wonderful job, or didn't it? She had no way to know. Sometimes, mostly after closing a mortgage calculator app, she reflected about jobs: working felt like skating over a patchworked jelly no one really understood.

A solitaire cat was watching her from her desktop, reminding the importance to book cheap flights. Or not to? She was unsure about how to remember the trip where she took that photo, or an identical one, later replaced by the better one she had retweeted later on. Holidays and travels sounded more like commitment than fun. What does she used to enjoy?

That Dymaxion projection by the coffee machine. Rarely maps can teach you something when you're comfortable around them. She dreamed about the medieval custom of painting monsters all over them: she believed today we'd draw cats and write love quotes.

The pizza guy had to be there in minutes: there was no time to waste. After closing incognito porn tabs, zodiac advices, work and tips to increase traffic, she stepped out of the internet to enter the shower

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